One of my favorite brides...

Of course I am partial to this bride because she is one of my best friends and will soon find herself walking down an aisle in my wedding. But, I think once you see these awesome pictures from Studio Castillero of her and her new husband, she will be one of your favorite brides too! Simply beautiful!


  1. Are these photos from a hard cover wedding book? I saw some beautiful wedding books on Blurb...photography has come a long way from standard wedding settings...these are wonderful and expressive.

  2. I love this bride!! I notice that a lot of the photos you show have muted shades - is it the "current" photography style, the weather? If you know.

  3. Wedding photography really has come a long way. This is actually from a blog for a southern California photographer: Studio Castillero. There does seems to be a big trend in muted shades for photographs. Sometimes it is the weather, but often photographers will adjust the color when they edit in programs like Adobe Photoshop. I happen to really love this color style for wedding photography. I think it is soft and elegant; perfect for a beautiful bride!


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